Imbibing Rukmini's Mood in our Devotional Service

Srimad Bhagavatam 10.60.16-24 - Imbibing Rukmini's Mood in our Devotional Service (download mp3)
by Radha Gopinath Prabhu at ISKCON Chowpatty

SB 10.60.16
vaidarbhy etad avijñaya
vrta vayam gunair hina
 bhiksubhih slaghita mudha

O Vaidarbhi, not being farsighted, you didn’t realize this, and therefore you chose Us as your husband, even though We have no good qualities and are glorified only by deluded beggars.

SB 10.60.17
athatmano ’nurupam vai
 bhajasva ksatriyarsabham
yena tvam asisah satya
 ihamutra ca lapsyase

Now you should definitely accept a more suitable husband, a first-class man of the royal order who can help you achieve everything you want, both in this life and the next.

Lord Krsna continues to tease His beautiful wife, trying to provoke her loving anger.

SB 10.60.18
 dantavakradayo nrpah
mama dvisanti vamoru
 rukmi capi tavagrajah

Kings like Sisupala, Salva, Jarasandha and Dantavakra all hate Me, O beautiful-thighed one, and so does your elder brother Rukmi.

SB 10.60.19
tesam virya-madandhanam
 drptanam smaya-nuttaye
anitasi maya bhadre

It was to dispel the arrogance of these kings that I carried you away, My good woman, for they were blinded by the intoxication of power. My purpose was to curb the strength of the wicked.

SB 10.60.20
udasina vayam nunam
 na stry-apatyartha-kamukah
atma-labdhyasmahe purna
 gehayor jyotir-akriyah

We care nothing for wives, children and wealth. Always satisfied within Ourselves, We do not work for body and home, but like a light, We merely witness.

SB 10.60.21
sri-suka uvaca
etavad uktva bhagavan
 atmanam vallabham iva
manyamanam avislesat
 tad-darpa-ghna uparamat

Sukadeva Gosvami said: Rukmini had thought herself especially beloved by the Lord because He never left her company. By saying these things to her He vanquished her pride, and then He stopped speaking.

SB 10.60.22
iti trilokesa-pates tadatmanah
 priyasya devy asruta-purvam apriyam
asrutya bhita hrdi jata-vepathus
 cintam durantam rudati jagama ha

Goddess Rukmini had never before heard such unpleasantries from her beloved, the Lord of universal rulers, and she became frightened. A tremor arose in her heart, and in terrible anxiety she began to cry.

SB 10.60.23
pada su-jatena nakharuna-sriya
 bhuvam likhanty asrubhir añjanasitaih
asiñcati kunkuma-rusitau stanau
 tasthav adho-mukhy ati-duhkha-ruddha-vak

With her tender foot, effulgent with the reddish glow of her nails, she scratched the ground, and tears darkened by her eye makeup sprinkled her kunkuma-reddened breasts. There she stood, face downward, her voice choked up by extreme sorrow.

SB 10.60.24
tasyah su-duhkha-bhaya-soka-vinasta-buddher
 hastac chlathad-valayato vyajanam papata
dehas ca viklava-dhiyah sahasaiva muhyan
 rambheva vayu-vihato pravikirya kesan

Rukmini’s mind was overwhelmed with unhappiness, fear and grief. Her bangles slipped from her hand, and her fan fell to the ground. In her bewilderment she suddenly fainted, her hair scattering all about as her body fell to the ground like a plantain tree blown over by the wind.

Shocked by Lord Krsna’s words, Rukmini could not understand that the Lord was only teasing, and thus she displayed these ecstatic symptoms of grief, which Srila Visvanatha Cakravarti characterizes as sattvika ecstasies ranging from “becoming stunned” to “dissolution.”