Traditions Do Play Important Role In Society

Srimad Bhagavatam 10.62.12-16 - Traditions Do Play Important Role In Society (download mp3)
by Rohini Priya Prabhu at ISKCON Chowpatty

SB 10.62.12
banasya mantri kumbhandas
 citralekha ca tat-suta
sakhy aprcchat sakhim usam

Banasura had a minister named Kumbhanda, whose daughter was Citralekha. A companion of Usa’s, she was filled with curiosity, and thus she inquired from her friend.

SB 10.62.13
kam tvam mrgayase su-bhru
 kidrsas te manorathah
hasta-graham na te ’dyapi
 raja-putry upalaksaye

[Citralekha said:] Who are you searching for, O fine-browed one? What is this hankering you’re feeling? Until now, O princess, I haven’t seen any man take your hand in marriage.

SB 10.62.14
drstah kascin narah svapne
 syamah kamala-locanah
pita-vasa brhad-bahur
 yositam hrdayam-gamah

[Usa said:] In my dream I saw a certain man who had a darkblue complexion, lotus eyes, yellow garments and mighty arms. He was the kind who touches women’s hearts.

SB 10.62.15
tam aham mrgaye kantam
 payayitvadharam madhu
kvapi yatah sprhayatim
 ksiptva mam vrjinarnave

It is that lover I search for. After making me drink the honey of His lips, He has gone elsewhere, and thus He has thrown me, hankering fervently for Him, into the ocean of distress.

SB 10.62.16
vyasanam te ’pakarsami
 tri-lokyam yadi bhavyate
tam anesye varam yas te
 mano-harta tam adisa

Citralekha said: I will remove your distress. If He is to be found anywhere in the three worlds, I will bring this future husband of yours who has stolen your heart. Please show me who He is.

Interestingly, the name Citralekha indicates a person skilled in the art of drawing or painting. Citra means “excellent” or “variegated,” and lekha means “the art of drawing or painting.” Citralekha, as described in the following verse, will now utilize the talent indicated by her name.