Result of Samskaras Is Knowledge

Srimad Bhagavatam 10.64.05-10 - Result of Samskaras Is Knowledge (download mp3)
by Shyamananda Prabhu at ISKCON Chowpatty

SB 10.64.5
 bhagavan visva-bhavanah
viksyojjahara vamena
 tam karena sa lilaya

The lotus-eyed Supreme Lord, maintainer of the universe, went to the well and saw the lizard. Then with His left hand He easily lifted it out.

SB 10.64.6
sa uttamah-sloka-karabhimrsto
 vihaya sadyah krkalasa-rupam
 svargy adbhutalankaranambara-srak

Touched by the hand of the glorious Supreme Lord, the being at once gave up its lizard form and assumed that of a resident of heaven. His complexion was beautifully colored like molten gold, and he was adorned with wonderful ornaments, clothes and garlands.

SB 10.64.7
papraccha vidvan api tan-nidanam
 janesu vikhyapayitum mukundah
kas tvam maha-bhaga varenya-rupo
 devottamam tvam ganayami nunam

Lord Krsna understood the situation, but to inform people in general He inquired as follows: “Who are you, O greatly fortunate one? Seeing your excellent form, I think you must surely be an exalted demigod.

SB 10.64.8
dasam imam va katamena karmana
 samprapito ’sy atad-arhah su-bhadra
atmanam akhyahi vivitsatam no
 yan manyase nah ksamam atra vaktum

“By what past activity were you brought to this condition? It seems you did not deserve such a fate, O good soul. We are eager to know about you, so please inform us about yourself — if, that is, you think this the proper time and place to tell us.”

SB 10.64.9
sri-suka uvaca
iti sma raja samprstah
madhavam pranipatyaha

Sukadeva Gosvami said: Thus questioned by Krsna, whose forms are unlimited, the King, his helmet as dazzling as the sun, bowed down to Lord Madhava and replied as follows.

SB 10.64.10
nrga uvaca
nrgo nama narendro ’ham
 iksvaku-tanayah prabho
danisv akhyayamanesu
 yadi te karnam asprsam

King Nrga said: I am a king known as Nrga, the son of Iksvaku. Perhaps, Lord, You have heard of me when lists of charitable men were recited.

The acaryas point out here that although a tentative expression is used — “perhaps You have heard of me” — the implication is that there is no doubt.