Brahamana's and Vaishanava's are very Dear to Krishna

Srimad Bhagavatam 10.64.36-41 - Brahamana's and Vaishanava's are very Dear to Krishna (download mp3) and (download mp4)
by Murlidhar Prabhu at ISKCON Chowpatty

SB 10.64.36
rajano raja-laksmyandha
 natma-patam vicaksate
nirayam ye ’bhimanyante
 brahma-svam sadhu balisah

Members of the royal order, blinded by royal opulence, fail to foresee their own downfall. Childishly hankering to enjoy a brahmana’s property, they are actually hankering to go to hell.

SB 10.64.37-38
grhnanti yavatah pamsun
 krandatam asru-bindavah
vipranam hrta-vrttinam
 vadanyanam kutumbinam
rajano raja-kulyas ca
 tavato ’bdan nirankusah
kumbhi-pakesu pacyante

For as many years as there are particles of dust touched by the tears of generous brahmanas who have dependent families and whose property is stolen, uncontrolled kings who usurp a brahmana’s property are cooked, along with their royal families, in the hell known as Kumbhipaka.

SB 10.64.39
sva-dattam para-dattam va
 brahma-vrttim harec ca yah
 visthayam jayate krmih

Whether it be his own gift or someone else’s, a person who steals a brahmana’s property will take birth as a worm in feces for sixty thousand years.

SB 10.64.40
na me brahma-dhanam bhuyad
 yad grdhvalpayuso narah
parajitas cyuta rajyad
 bhavanty udvejino ’hayah

I do not desire brahmanas’ wealth. Those who lust after it become short-lived and are defeated. They lose their kingdoms and become snakes, who trouble others.

SB 10.64.41
vipram krtagasam api
 naiva druhyata mamakah
ghnantam bahu sapantam va
 namas-kuruta nityasah

My dear followers, never treat a learned brahmana harshly, even if he has sinned. Even if he attacks you physically or repeatedly curses you, always continue to offer him obeisances.

Lord Krsna offers this instruction not only to His personal associates but to all those who claim to be followers of the Supreme Personality of Godhead.