Arrogance Causes Downfall

Srimad Bhagavatam 10.68.27-35 - Arrogance Causes Downfall (download mp3) and (download mp4)
by Murlidhar Prabhu at ISKCON Chowpatty

SB 10.68.27
alam yadunam naradeva-lañchanair
 datuh pratipaih phaninam ivamrtam
ye ’smat-prasadopacita hi yadava
 ajñapayanty adya gata-trapa bata

No longer should the Yadus be allowed to use these royal symbols, which now cause trouble for those who gave them, like milk fed to poisonous snakes. Having prospered by our grace, these Yadavas have now lost all shame and are daring to command us!

SB 10.68.28
katham indro ’pi kurubhir
adattam avarundhita
 simha-grastam ivoranah

How would even Indra dare usurp anything that Bhisma, Drona, Arjuna or the other Kurus have not given him? It would be like a lamb claiming the lion’s kill.

SB 10.68.29
sri-badarayanir uvaca
 madas te bharatarsabha
asravya ramam durvacyam
 asabhyah puram avisan

Sri Badarayani said: O best of the Bharatas, after the arrogant Kurus, thoroughly puffed up by the opulence of their high birth and relations, had spoken these harsh words to Lord Balarama, they turned and went back to their city.

SB 10.68.30
drstva kurunam dauhsilyam
 srutvavacyani cacyutah
avocat kopa-samrabdho
 duspreksyah prahasan muhuh

Seeing the bad character of the Kurus and hearing their nasty words, the infallible Lord Balarama became filled with rage. His countenance frightful to behold, He laughed repeatedly and spoke as follows.

SB 10.68.31
nunam nana-madonnaddhah
 santim necchanty asadhavah
tesam hi prasamo dandah
 pasunam lagudo yatha

[Lord Balarama said:] “Clearly the many passions of these scoundrels have made them so proud that they do not want peace. Then let them be pacified by physical punishment, as animals are with a stick.

SB 10.68.32-33
aho yadun su-samrabdhan
 krsnam ca kupitam sanaih
santvayitvaham etesam
 samam icchann ihagatah
ta ime manda-matayah
 kalahabhiratah khalah
tam mam avajñaya muhur
 durbhasan manino ’bruvan

“Ah, only gradually was I able to calm the furious Yadus and Lord Krsna, who was also enraged. Desiring peace for these Kauravas, I came here. But they are so dull-headed, fond of quarrel and mischievous by nature that they have repeatedly disrespected Me. Out of conceit they dared to address Me with harsh words!

SB 10.68.34
nograsenah kila vibhur
sakradayo loka-pala

“King Ugrasena, the lord of the Bhojas, Vrsnis and Andhakas, is not fit to command, when Indra and other planetary rulers obey his orders?

SB 10.68.35
sudharmakramyate yena
 parijato ’maranghripah
aniya bhujyate so ’sau
 na kiladhyasanarhanah

“That same Krsna who occupies the Sudharma assembly hall and for His enjoyment took the parijata tree from the immortal demigods — that very Krsna is indeed not fit to sit on a royal throne?

Here Lord Balarama angrily states, “Never mind the Yadus — these rascal Kauravas even dare to insult Lord Krsna!”