Spiritual Anger is Different than Material Anger

Srimad Bhagavatam Canto 10.68.44-48 - Spiritual Anger is Different than Material Anger (download mp3) and (download mp4)
by Jananivas Prabhu at ISKCON Chowpatty

 SB 10.68.44
rama ramakhiladhara
 prabhavam na vidama te
mudhanam nah ku-buddhinam
 ksantum arhasy atikramam

[The Kauravas said:] O Rama, Rama, foundation of everything! We know nothing of Your power. Please excuse our offense, for we are ignorant and misguided.

SB 10.68.45
sthity-utpatty-apyayanam tvam
 eko hetur nirasrayah
lokan kridanakan isa
 kridatas te vadanti hi

You alone cause the creation, maintenance and annihilation of the cosmos, and of You there is no prior cause. Indeed, O Lord, authorities say that the worlds are mere playthings for You as You perform Your pastimes.

SB 10.68.46
tvam eva murdhnidam ananta lilaya
 bhu-mandalam bibharsi sahasra-murdhan
ante ca yah svatma-niruddha-visvah
 sese ’dvitiyah parisisyamanah

O unlimited one of a thousand heads, as Your pastime You carry this earthly globe upon one of Your heads. At the time of annihilation You withdraw the entire universe within Your body and, remaining all alone, lie down to rest.

SB 10.68.47
kopas te ’khila-siksartham
 na dvesan na ca matsarat
bibhrato bhagavan sattvam

Your anger is meant for instructing everyone; it is not a manifestation of hatred or envy. O Supreme Lord, You sustain the pure mode of goodness, and You become angry only to maintain and protect this world.

The Kurus admit that Lord Balarama’s anger was entirely appropriate and in fact was meant for their benefit. As Srila Visvanatha Cakravarti puts it, the Kurus meant to say, “Because You exhibited this anger, we have now become civilized, whereas previously we were wicked and could not see You, blinded as we were by pride.”

SB 10.68.48
namas te sarva-bhutatman
visva-karman namas te ’stu
 tvam vayam saranam gatah

We bow down to You, O Soul of all beings, O wielder of all potencies, O tireless maker of the universe! Offering You obeisances, we take shelter of You.

The Kauravas clearly realized that their lives and destinies were in the hands of the Lord.