Ideal Grihastha Life by Emulating Krishna's Daily Activity

Srimad Bhagavatam 10.70.10-12-15 - Ideal Grihastha Life by Emulating Krishna's Daily Activity (download mp3) and (download mp4)
by Sridama Prabhu at ISKCON Chowpatty

SB 10.70.12
aveksyajyam tathadarsam
kamams ca sarva-varnanam
pradapya prakrtih kamaih
 pratosya pratyanandata

He would then look at ghee, a mirror, the cows and bulls, the brahmanas and the demigods and see to it that the members of all the social classes living in the palace and throughout the city were satisfied with gifts. After this He would greet His ministers, gratifying them by fulfilling all their desires.

SB 10.70.13
samvibhajyagrato vipran
suhrdah prakrtir daran
 upayunkta tatah svayam

After first distributing flower garlands, pan and sandalwood paste to the brahmanas, He would give these gifts to His friends, ministers and wives, and finally He would partake of them Himself.

SB 10.70.14
tavat suta upaniya
 syandanam paramadbhutam
sugrivadyair hayair yuktam
 pranamyavasthito ’gratah

By then the Lord’s driver would have brought His supremely wonderful chariot, yoked with Sugriva and His other horses. His charioteer would bow down to the Lord and then stand before Him.

SB 10.70.15
grhitva panina pani
 sarathes tam atharuhat
 purvadrim iva bhaskarah

Holding on to His charioteer’s hands, Lord Krsna would mount the chariot, together with Satyaki and Uddhava, just like the sun rising over the easternmost mountain.

The acaryas point out that the Lord’s chariot driver would stand with joined palms and that the Lord, holding on to his joined hands with His right hand, would mount the chariot.