Importance of Vedic Culture or How to live in this world in Vedic way

Srimad Bhagavatam 10.70.34-37 - Importance of Vedic Culture or How to live in this world in Vedic way (download mp3)
by Radheshlal Prabhu at ISKCON Chowpatty

SB 10.70.34
sabhajayitva vidhi-vat
babhase sunrtair vakyaih
 sraddhaya tarpayan munim

After Narada had accepted the seat offered to him, Lord Krsna honored the sage according to scriptural injunctions and, gratifying him with His reverence, spoke the following truthful and pleasing words.

SB 10.70.35
api svid adya lokanam
 trayanam akuto-bhayam
nanu bhuyan bhagavato
 lokan paryatato gunah

[Lord Krsna said:] It is certain that today the three worlds have attained freedom from all fear, for that is the influence of such a great personality as you, who travel at will throughout all the worlds.

SB 10.70.36
na hi te ’viditam kiƱcil
 lokesv isvara-kartrsu
atha prcchamahe yusman
 pandavanam cikirsitam

There is nothing unknown to you within God’s creation. Therefore please tell Us what the Pandavas intend to do.

SB 10.70.37
sri-narada uvaca
drsta maya te bahuso duratyaya
 maya vibho visva-srjas ca mayinah
bhutesu bhumams caratah sva-saktibhir
 vahner iva cchanna-ruco na me ’dbhutam

Sri Narada said: I have seen many times the insurmountable power of Your Maya, O almighty one, by which You bewilder even the creator of the universe, Brahma. O all-encompassing Lord, it does not surprise me that You disguise Yourself by Your own energies while moving among the created beings, as a fire covers its own light with smoke.

When Lord Krsna questioned Narada Muni about the intentions of the Pandavas, the sage replied that the Lord is Himself all-powerful and all-knowing, even to the extent that He can bewilder the creator of the universe, Brahma. Narada understood that Lord Krsna desired to kill Jarasandha and was thus beginning to arrange for this pastime by inquiring from Narada about the Pandavas’ intentions. Understanding the Lord’s own intention, Narada was not astonished when Lord Krsna humbly requested information from him.