How to Get Taste for Reading Srimad Bhagavatam

Srimad Bhagavatam 10.73.01-09 - How to Get Taste for Reading Srimad Bhagavatam (download mp3)
by Radha Gopinath Prabhu at ISKCON Chowpatty

SB 10.73.1-6
sri-suka uvaca
ayute dve satany astau
 niruddha yudhi nirjitah
te nirgata giridronyam
 malina mala-vasasah
ksut-ksamah suska-vadanah
dadrsus te ghana-syamam
srivatsankam catur-bahum
padma-hastam gada-sankha
 rathangair upalaksitam
 nivitam vana-malaya
pibanta iva caksurbhyam
 lihanta iva jihvaya
jighranta iva nasabhyam
 rambhanta iva bahubhih
pranemur hata-papmano
 murdhabhih padayor hareh

Sukadeva Gosvami said: Jarasandha had defeated 20,800 kings in combat and thrown them into prison. As these kings emerged from the Giridroni fortress, they appeared dirty and shabbily dressed. They were emaciated by hunger, their faces were dried up, and they were greatly weakened by their long imprisonment.

The kings then beheld the Lord before them. His complexion was dark blue like the color of a cloud, and He wore a yellow silk garment. He was distinguished by the Srivatsa mark on His chest, His four mighty arms, the pinkish hue of His eyes, which resembled the whorl of a lotus, His lovely, cheerful face, His gleaming makara earrings and the lotus, club, conchshell and disc in His hands. A helmet, a jeweled necklace, a golden belt, and golden bracelets and armlets decorated His form, and on His neck He wore both the brilliant, precious Kaustubha gem and a garland of forest flowers. The kings seemed to drink His beauty with their eyes, lick Him with their tongues, relish His fragrance with their nostrils and embrace Him with their arms. Their past sins now eradicated, the kings all bowed down to Lord Hari, placing their heads at His feet.

SB 10.73.7
prasasamsur hrsikesam
 girbhih prañjalayo nrpah

The ecstasy of beholding Lord Krsna having dispelled the weariness of their imprisonment, the kings stood with joined palms and offered words of praise to that supreme master of the senses.

SB 10.73.8
rajana ucuh
namas te deva-devesa
prapannan pahi nah krsna
 nirvinnan ghora-samsrteh

The kings said: Obeisances to You, O Lord of the ruling demigods, O destroyer of Your surrendered devotees’ distress. Since we have surrendered to You, O inexhaustible Krsna, please save us from this terrible material life, which has made us so despondent.

SB 10.73.9
nainam nathanusuyamo
 magadham madhusudana
anugraho yad bhavato
 rajñam rajya-cyutir vibho

O master, Madhusudana, we do not blame this King of Magadha, since it is actually by Your mercy that kings fall from their royal position, O almighty Lord.

It is significant that upon seeing Lord Krsna and thus becoming purified of their sins, the kings did not feel any mundane hatred or bitterness toward Jarasandha, who had imprisoned them. Simply by seeing Lord Krsna, the kings came to the position of Krsna consciousness and spoke these verses, which show deep spiritual wisdom.