Pride Comes Before Fall

Srimad Bhagavatam 10.73.16-20 - Pride Comes Before Fall (download mp3)
by Sankirtan Prabhu at ISKCON Chowpatty

SB 10.73.16
krsnaya vasudevaya
 haraye paramatmane
 govindaya namo namah

Again and again we offer our obeisances unto Lord Krsna, Hari, the son of Vasudeva. That Supreme Soul, Govinda, vanquishes the suffering of all who surrender to Him.

SB 10.73.17
sri-suka uvaca
samstuyamano bhagavan
 rajabhir mukta-bandhanaih
tan aha karunas tata
 saranyah slaksnaya gira

Sukadeva Gosvami said: Thus the kings, now freed from bondage, glorified the Supreme Lord. Then, my dear Pariksit, that merciful bestower of shelter spoke to them in a gentle voice.

SB 10.73.18
sri-bhagavan uvaca
adya prabhrti vo bhupa
 mayy atmany akhilesvare
su-drdha jayate bhaktir
 badham asamsitam tatha

The Supreme Personality of Godhead said: From now on, my dear kings, you will have firm devotion to Me, the Supreme Self and the Lord of all that be. I assure you this will come to pass, just as you desire.

SB 10.73.19
distya vyavasitam bhupa
 bhavanta rta-bhasinah
 pasya unmadakam nrnam

Fortunately you have come to the proper conclusion, my dear kings, and what you have spoken is true. I can see that human beings’ lack of self-restraint, which arises from their intoxication with opulence and power, simply leads to madness.

SB 10.73.20
haihayo nahuso veno
 ravano narako ’pare
sri-madad bhramsitah sthanad

Haihaya, Nahusa, Vena, Ravana, Naraka and many other rulers of demigods, men and demons fell from their elevated positions because of infatuation with material opulence.


As described by Sridhara Svami, because Haihaya stole the desire cow of Lord Parasurama’s father, Jamadagni, Parasurama killed him and his impudent sons. Nahusa became puffed up when he temporarily assumed the post of Indra. When out of pride Nahusa ordered some brahmanas to carry him in a palanquin to an illicit meeting with Lord Indra’s chaste wife, Saci, the brahmanas made him fall down from his position and become an old man. King Vena was similarly mad, and when he insulted the brahmanas they killed him by loud incantations of the syllable hum. Ravana was a famous ruler of the Raksasas, but out of lust he kidnapped Mother Sita, and thus her husband, Lord Ramacandra, killed him. Naraka was a ruler of the Daityas who dared to steal Mother Aditi’s earrings, and for his offense he was also killed. Thus throughout history powerful leaders have fallen from their positions because they became intoxicated with their so-called opulence.