A Devotee can be in anxiety but not despondent

SB 10-80-18-28 - A Devotee can be in anxiety but not despondent (Download .mp3)
by Prem Gauranga Prabhu at ISKCON Chowpatty

SB 10.80.18
tam vilokyacyuto durat
 priya-paryankam asthitah
sahasotthaya cabhyetya
 dorbhyam paryagrahin muda

At that time Lord Acyuta was seated on His consort’s bed. Spotting the brahmana at some distance, the Lord immediately stood up, went forward to meet him and with great pleasure embraced him.

SB 10.80.19
sakhyuh priyasya viprarser
prito vyamuñcad ab-bindun
 netrabhyam puskareksanah

The lotus-eyed Supreme Lord felt intense ecstasy upon touching the body of His dear friend, the wise brahmana, and thus He shed tears of love.

SB 10.80.20-22
athopavesya paryanke
 svayam sakhyuh samarhanam
 padau padavanejanih
agrahic chirasa rajan
 bhagavaḻ loka-pavanah
vyalimpad divya-gandhena
dhupaih surabhibhir mitram
 pradipavalibhir muda
arcitvavedya tambulam
 gam ca svagatam abravit

Lord Krsna seated His friend Sudama upon the bed. Then the Lord, who purifies the whole world, personally offered him various tokens of respect and washed his feet, O King, after which He sprinkled the water on His own head. He anointed him with divinely fragrant sandalwood, aguru and kunkuma pastes and happily worshiped him with aromatic incense and arrays of lamps. After finally offering him betel nut and the gift of a cow, He welcomed him with pleasing words.

SB 10.80.23
ku-cailam malinam ksamam
 dvijam dhamani-santatam
devi paryacarat saksac
 camara-vyajanena vai

By fanning him with her camara, the divine goddess of fortune personally served that poor brahmana, whose clothing was torn and dirty and who was so thin that veins were visible all over his body.

SB 10.80.24
antah-pura-jano drstva
vismito ’bhud ati-pritya
 avadhutam sabhajitam

The people in the royal palace were astonished to see Krsna, the Lord of spotless glory, so lovingly honor this shabbily dressed brahmana.

SB 10.80.25-26
kim anena krtam punyam
 avadhutena bhiksuna
sriya hinena loke ’smin
 garhitenadhamena ca
yo ’sau tri-loka-guruna
 sri-nivasena sambhrtah
paryanka-stham sriyam hitva
 parisvakto ’gra-jo yatha

[The residents of the palace said:] What pious acts has this unkempt, impoverished brahmana performed? People regard him as lowly and contemptible, yet the spiritual master of the three worlds, the abode of Goddess Sri, is serving him reverently. Leaving the goddess of fortune sitting on her bed, the Lord has embraced this brahmana as if he were an older brother.

SB 10.80.27
kathayam cakratur gathah
 purva gurukule satoh
atmanor lalita rajan
 karau grhya parasparam

[Sukadeva Gosvami continued:] Taking each other’s hands, O King, Krsna and Sudama talked pleasantly about how they once lived together in the school of their guru.

SB 10.80.28
sri-bhagavan uvaca
api brahman gurukulad
 bhavata labdha-daksinat
samavrttena dharma-jña
 bharyodha sadrsi na va

The Supreme Lord said: My dear brahmana, you know well the ways of dharma. After you offered the gift of remuneration to our guru and returned home from his school, did you marry a compatible wife or not?

Among civilized human beings, the question of asrama, or spiritual order, is significant. In other words, every human being must execute prescribed duties as a celibate student, a married man or woman, a retired person or a renunciant. Since Lord Krsna could see that the brahmana was poorly dressed, He inquired if His friend had been properly married and was executing the duties of household life. Since he was not dressed as a renunciant, he would be without a suitable asrama unless he were properly married.