Vedic standards of Marriage Life

SB 10-80-14-17 - Vedic standards of Marriage Life (Download mp3)
by Jayadvaita Swami Maharaj at ISKCON Chowpatty

SB 10.80.14
yacitva caturo mustin
 vipran prthuka-tandulan
caila-khandena tan baddhva
 bhartre pradad upayanam
Sudama’s wife begged four handfuls of flat rice from neighboring brahmanas, tied up the rice in a torn piece of cloth and gave it to her husband as a present for Lord Krsna.
SB 10.80.15
sa tan adaya vipragryah
 prayayau dvarakam kila
krsna-sandarsanam mahyam
 katham syad iti cintayan
Taking the flat rice, the saintly brahmana set off for Dvaraka, all the while wondering “How will I be able to have Krsna’s audience?”
Among other things, Sudama assumed that the gatekeepers would stop him.
SB 10.80.16-17
trini gulmany atiyaya
 tisrah kaksas ca sa-dvijah
vipro ’gamyandhaka-vrsninam
 grhesv acyuta-dharminam
grham dvy-asta-sahasranam
 mahisinam harer dvijah
vivesaikatamam srimad
 brahmanandam gato yatha
The learned brahmana, joined by some local brahmanas, passed three guard stations and went through three gateways, and then he walked by the homes of Lord Krsna’s faithful devotees, the Andhakas and Vrsnis, which ordinarily no one could do. He then entered one of the opulent palaces belonging to Lord Hari’s sixteen thousand queens, and when he did so he felt as if he were attaining the bliss of liberation.
When the saintly brahmana entered the precincts of Lord Krsna’s palaces and then actually entered one of the palaces, he completely forgot everything else, and thus his state of mind is compared to that of one who has just achieved the bliss of spiritual liberation. Srila Visvanatha Cakravarti quotes from the Padma Purana, Uttara-khanda, wherein we learn that the brahmana actually entered the palace of Rukmini: sa tu rukminy-antah-pura-dvari ksanam tusnim sthitah. “He stood for a moment in silence at the doorway of Queen Rukmini’s palace.”