What Distinguishes Genuine Disciple

SB 10-80-39-41 - What Distinguishes Genuine Disciple (download mp3)
by Jayadvait Swami Maharaj at ISKCON Chowpatty

SB 10.80.39
etad viditva udite
 ravau sandipanir guruh
anvesamano nah sisyan
 acaryo ’pasyad aturan

Our guru, Sandipani, understanding our predicament, set out after sunrise to search for us, his disciples, and found us in distress.

SB 10.80.40
aho he putraka yuyam
 asmad-arthe ’ti-duhkhitah
atma vai praninam presthas
 tam anadrtya mat-parah

[Sandipani said:] O my children, you have suffered so much for my sake! The body is most dear to every living creature, but you are so dedicated to me that you completely disregarded your own comfort.

SB 10.80.41
etad eva hi sac-chisyaih
 kartavyam guru-niskrtam
yad vai visuddha-bhavena
 sarvarthatmarpanam gurau

This indeed is the duty of all true disciples: to repay the debt to their spiritual master by offering him, with pure hearts, their wealth and even their very lives.

One engages one’s body to realize one’s purposes. The body is also the basis of the material conception of “I,” while one’s fortune is the basis of the conception of “mine.” Thus by offering everything to the spiritual master, one realizes one’s self to be an eternal servant of the Lord. The spiritual master does not exploit the disciple but rather engages him fully in Krsna consciousness for the disciple’s eternal benefit.