Human Life is Life of Responsibility

Srimad Bhagavatam 10.82.07-10 - Human Life is Life of Responsibility (download mp3)
by Madan Gopal Prabhu at ISKCON Chowpatty

SB 10.82.7-8
te rathair deva-dhisnyabhair
 hayais ca tarala-plavaih
gajair nadadbhir abhrabhair
 nrbhir vidyadhara-dyubhih
vyarocanta maha-tejah
 pathi kañcana-malinah
 kalatraih khe-cara iva

The mighty Yadavas passed with great majesty along the road. They were attended by their soldiers, who rode on chariots rivaling the airplanes of heaven, on horses moving with a rhythmic gait, and on bellowing elephants as huge as clouds. Also with them were many infantrymen as effulgent as celestial Vidyadharas. The Yadavas were so divinely dressed — being adorned with gold necklaces and flower garlands and wearing fine armor — that as they proceeded along the road with their wives they seemed to be demigods flying through the sky.

SB 10.82.9
tatra snatva maha-bhaga
 uposya su-samahitah
brahmanebhyo dadur dhenur

At Samanta-pañcaka, the saintly Yadavas bathed and then observed a fast with careful attention. Afterward they presented brahmanas with cows bedecked with garments, flower garlands and gold necklaces.

SB 10.82.10
rama-hradesu vidhi-vat
 punar aplutya vrsnayah
dadah sv-annam dvijagryebhyah
 krsne no bhaktir astv iti

In accordance with scriptural injunctions, the descendants of Vrsni then bathed once more in Lord Parasurama’s lakes and fed first-class brahmanas with sumptuous food. All the while they prayed, “May we be granted devotion to Lord Krsna.”

This second bath marked the end of their fasting, on the following day.