Vaishanav Dealings

Srimad Bhagavatam 10.82.11-16 - Vaishanav Dealings (download mp3)
at Baladeva Prabhu at ISKCON Chowpatty

SB 10.82.11
svayam ca tad-anujñata
 vrsnayah krsna-devatah
bhuktvopavivisuh kamam

Then, with the permission of Lord Krsna, their sole object of worship, the Vrsnis ate breakfast and sat down at their leisure beneath trees that gave cooling shade.

SB 10.82.12-13
tatragatams te dadrsuh
 suhrt-sambandhino nrpan
kamboja-kaikayan madran
 kuntin anarta-keralan
anyams caivatma-paksiyan
 params ca sataso nrpa
nandadin suhrdo gopan
 gopis cotkanthitas ciram

The Yadavas saw that many of the kings who had arrived were old friends and relatives — the Matsyas, Usinaras, Kausalyas, Vidarbhas, Kurus, Srñjayas, Kambojas, Kaikayas, Madras, Kuntis and the kings of Anarta and Kerala. They also saw many hundreds of other kings, both allies and adversaries. In addition, my dear King Pariksit, they saw their dear friends Nanda Maharaja and the cowherd men and women, who had been suffering in anxiety for so long.

SB 10.82.14
aslisya gadham nayanaih sravaj-jala
 hrsyat-tvaco ruddha-giro yayur mudam

As the great joy of seeing one another made the lotuses of their hearts and faces bloom with fresh beauty, the men embraced one another enthusiastically. With tears pouring from their eyes, the hair on their bodies standing on end and their voices choked up, they all felt intense bliss.

SB 10.82.15
striyas ca samviksya mitho ’ti-sauhrda-
 smitamalapanga-drso ’bhirebhire
stanaih stanan kunkuma-panka-rusitan
 nihatya dorbhih pranayasru-locanah

The women glanced at one another with pure smiles of loving friendship. And when they embraced, their breasts, smeared with saffron paste, pressed against one another as their eyes filled with tears of affection.

SB 10.82.16
tato ’bhivadya te vrddhan
 yavisthair abhivaditah
sv-agatam kusalam prstva
 cakruh krsna-katha mithah

They all then offered obeisances to their elders and received respect in turn from their younger relatives. After inquiring from one another about the comfort of their trip and their well-being, they proceeded to talk about Krsna.

These are the special dealings of Vaisnavas. Even the family entanglements that delude ordinary conditioned souls are no encumbrance for those whose family members are all pure devotees of the Lord. Impersonalists have no capacity for appreciating these intimate dealings, since their philosophy condemns as illusory any kind of personal, emotional existence. When followers of impersonalism pretend to understand the loving relationships of Krsna and His devotees, they only create havoc for themselves and whoever listens to them.