Power of Eagerness and Association

Srimad Bhagavatam 10.84.02-09 - Power of Eagerness and Association (download mp3)
by Radhapati Prabhu at ISKCON Chowpatty

SB 10.84.2-5
iti sambhasamanasu
 stribhih strisu nrbhir nrsu
ayayur munayas tatra
dvaipayano naradas ca
 cyavano devalo ’sitah
visvamitrah satanando
 bharadvajo ’tha gautamah
ramah sa-sisyo bhagavan
 vasistho galavo bhrguh
pulastyah kasyapo ’tris ca
 markandeyo brhaspatih
dvitas tritas caikatas ca
 brahma-putras tathangirah
agastyo yajñavalkyas ca
 vamadevadayo ’pare

As the women thus talked among themselves and the men among themselves, a number of great sages arrived there, all of them eager to see Lord Krsna and Lord Balarama. They included Dvaipayana, Narada, Cyavana, Devala and Asita, Visvamitra, Satananda, Bharadvaja and Gautama, Lord Parasurama and his disciples, Vasistha, Galava, Bhrgu, Pulastya and Kasyapa, Atri, Markandeya and Brhaspati, Dvita, Trita, Ekata and the four Kumaras, and Angira, Agastya, Yajñavalkya and Vamadeva.

SB 10.84.6
tan drstva sahasotthaya
 prag asina nrpadayah
pandavah krsna-ramau ca
 pranemur visva-vanditan

As soon as they saw the sages approaching, the kings and other gentlemen who had been seated immediately stood up, including the Pandava brothers and Krsna and Balarama. They all then bowed down to the sages, who are honored throughout the universe.

SB 10.84.7
tan anarcur yatha sarve
 saha-ramo ’cyuto ’rcayat

Lord Krsna, Lord Balarama and the other kings and leaders properly worshiped the sages by offering them words of greeting, sitting places, water for washing their feet, drinking water, flower garlands, incense and sandalwood paste.

SB 10.84.8
uvaca sukham asinan
 bhagavan dharma-gup-tanuh
sadasas tasya mahato
 yata-vaco ’nusrnvatah

After the sages were comfortably seated, the Supreme Lord Krsna, whose transcendental body protects religious principles, addressed them in the midst of that great assembly. Everyone listened silently with rapt attention.

SB 10.84.9
sri-bhagavan uvaca
aho vayam janma-bhrto
 labdham kartsnyena tat-phalam
devanam api dusprapam
 yad yogesvara-darsanam

The Supreme Lord said: Now our lives are indeed successful, for we have obtained life’s ultimate goal: the audience of great yoga masters, which even demigods only rarely obtain.

Despite the great privileges the demigods enjoy as administrators of the universe, they rarely see such sages as Narada and Vyasadeva. How much rarer, then, must it be for earthly kings and mere cowherds to see them. Here Lord Krsna, identifying Himself with all the kings and others who had assembled at Samanta-pañcaka, speaks on their behalf.