Seeing Krishna's Mercy in all Situation

Srimad Bhagavatam 10.84.20-21 - Seeing Krishna's Mercy in all Situation (download mp3)
by Krishna Chandra Prabhu at ISKCON Chowpatty

SB 10.84.20
tasmad brahma-kulam brahman
 sastra-yones tvam atmanah
sabhajayasi sad dhama
 tad brahmanyagranir bhavan

Therefore, O Supreme Brahman, You honor the members of the brahminical community, for they are the perfect agents by which one can realize You through the evidence of the Vedas. For that very reason You are the foremost worshiper of the brahmanas.

SB 10.84.21
adya no janma-saphalyam
 vidyayas tapaso drsah
tvaya sangamya sad-gatya
 yad antah sreyasam parah

Today our birth, education, austerity and vision have all become perfect because we have been able to associate with You, the goal of all saintly persons. Indeed, You Yourself are the ultimate, supreme blessing.

The sages here contrast their respect for the Lord with His reciprocal worship of them. Lord Krsna honors brahmanas as a means of instructing less intelligent men, whereas He is in fact absolutely independent. The brahmanas who worship Him, on the other hand, benefit themselves more than they can imagine.