How to Get Influenced by Yogamaya

Srimad Bhagavatam 10.85.11-13 - How to Get Influenced by Yogamaya (download mp3)
by Rasikacharya Prabhu at ISKCON Chowpatty

SB 10.85.11
bhutanam asi bhutadir
 indriyanam ca taijasah
vaikariko vikalpanam
 pradhanam anusayinam

You are false ego in the mode of ignorance, which is the source of the physical elements; false ego in the mode of passion, which is the source of the bodily senses; false ego in the mode of goodness, which is the source of the demigods; and the unmanifest, total material energy, which underlies everything.

SB 10.85.12
nasvaresv iha bhavesu
 tad asi tvam anasvaram
yatha dravya-vikaresu
 dravya-matram nirupitam

You are the one indestructible entity among all the destructible things of this world, like the underlying substance that is seen to remain unchanged while the things made from it undergo transformations.

SB 10.85.13
sattvam rajas tama iti
 gunas tad-vrttayas ca yah
tvayy addha brahmani pare
 kalpita yoga-mayaya

The modes of material nature — namely goodness, passion and ignorance — together with all their functions, become directly manifest within You, the Supreme Absolute Truth, by the arrangement of Your Yoga-maya.

Vasudeva’s description of how the Supreme Lord expands Himself into the products of the three material modes may possibly be misunderstood to imply that He is touched by the modes, or even that He is subject to destruction. To negate these misunderstandings, Vasudeva states here that the three modes and their products function by the arrangement of the Lord’s creative energy, Yoga-maya, who is always completely under His control. Thus the Lord is never tainted in the least by any material contact.