Making our Outreach Relevant

Srimad Bhagavatam 10.84.34-37 - Making our Outreach Relevant (download mp3)
by Chaitanya Charan Prabhu at ISKCON Chowpatty

SB 10.84.34
athocur munayo rajann
sarvesam srnvatam rajñam

[Sukadeva Gosvami continued:] The sages then spoke again, O King, addressing Vasudeva while all the kings, along with Lord Acyuta and Lord Rama, listened.

SB 10.84.35
karmana karma-nirhara
 esa sadhu-nirupitah
yac chraddhaya yajed visnum
 sarva-yajñesvaram makhaih

[The sages said:] It has been definitely concluded that work is counteracted by further work when one executes Vedic sacrifices as a means of worshiping Visnu, the Lord of all sacrifices, with sincere faith.

SB 10.84.36
cittasyopasamo ’yam vai
 kavibhih sastra-caksusa
darsitah su-gamo yogo
 dharmas catma-mud-avahah

Learned authorities who see through the eye of scripture have demonstrated that this is the easiest method of subduing the agitated mind and attaining liberation, and that it is a sacred duty which brings joy to the heart.

SB 10.84.37
ayam svasty-ayanah pantha
 dvi-jater grha-medhinah
yac chraddhayapta-vittena
 suklenejyeta purusah

This is the most auspicious path for a religious householder of the twice-born orders — to selflessly worship the Personality of Godhead with wealth honestly obtained.

Both Sridhara Svami and Sri Jiva Gosvami here agree that the ritual karma of Vedic sacrifices is particularly meant for attached householders. Those who are already renounced in Krsna consciousness, like Vasudeva himself, need only cultivate their faith in the Lord’s devotees, His Deity form, His name, the remnants of His food and His teachings, as given in Bhagavad-gita and Srimad-Bhagavatam.