Overcoming Influence Of Illusiory Energy

Srimad Bhagavatam 10.84.52-61 - Overcoming Influence Of Illusiory Energy (download mp3)
by Haridas Thakur Prabhu at ISKCON Chowpatty

SB 10.84.52
athartvigbhyo ’dadat kale
 yathamnatam sa daksinah
sv-alankrtebhyo ’lankrtya
 go-bhu-kanya maha-dhanah

Then, at the appropriate time and according to scripture, Vasudeva remunerated the priests by decorating them with precious ornaments, though they were already richly adorned, and offering them valuable gifts of cows, land and marriageable girls.

SB 10.84.53
 caritva te maharsayah
sasnu rama-hrade vipra

After supervising the patni-samyaja and avabhrthya rituals, the great brahmana sages bathed in Lord Parasurama’s lake with the sponsor of the sacrifice, Vasudeva, who led them.

SB 10.84.54
snato ’lankara-vasamsi
 vandibhyo ’dat tatha striyah
tatah sv-alankrto varnan
 a-svabhyo ’nnena pujayat

His sacred bath complete, Vasudeva joined with his wives in giving the jewelry and clothes they had been wearing to the professional reciters. Vasudeva then put on new garments, after which he honored all classes of people by feeding everyone, even the dogs.

SB 10.84.55-56
bandhun sa-daran sa-sutan
 paribarhena bhuyasa
sri-niketam anujñapya
 samsantah prayayuh kratum

With opulent gifts he honored his relatives, including all their wives and children; the royalty of the Vidarbha, Kosala, Kuru, Kasi, Kekaya and Srñjaya kingdoms; the officiating members of the assembly; and also the priests, witnessing demigods, humans, spirits, forefathers and Caranas. Then, taking permission from Lord Krsna, the shelter of the goddess of fortune, the various guests departed as they all chanted the glories of Vasudeva’s sacrifice.

SB 10.84.57-58
dhrtarastro ’nujah partha
 bhismo dronah prtha yamau
narado bhagavan vyasah
bandhun parisvajya yadun
yayur viraha-krcchrena
 sva-desams capare janah

The Yadus were all embraced by their friends, close family members and other relatives, including Dhrtarastra and his younger brother, Vidura; Prtha and her sons; Bhisma; Drona; the twins Nakula and Sahadeva; Narada; and Vedavyasa, the Personality of Godhead. Their hearts melting with affection, these and the other guests left for their kingdoms, their progress slowed by the pain of separation.

SB 10.84.59
nandas tu saha gopalair
 brhatya pujayarcitah
 nyavatsid bandhu-vatsalah

Nanda Maharaja showed his affection for his relatives, the Yadus, by remaining with them a little longer, together with his cowherds. During his stay, Krsna, Balarama, Ugrasena and the others honored him with especially opulent worship.

SB 10.84.60
vasudevo ’ñjasottirya
suhrd-vrtah prita-mana
 nandam aha kare sprsan

Having so easily crossed over the vast ocean of his ambition, Vasudeva felt fully satisfied. In the company of his many well-wishers, he took Nanda by the hand and addressed him as follows.

SB 10.84.61
sri-vasudeva uvaca
bhratar isa-krtah paso
 nrnam yah sneha-samjñitah
tam dustyajam aham manye
 suranam api yoginam

Sri Vasudeva said: My dear brother, God Himself has tied the knot called affection, which tightly binds human beings together. It seems to me that even great heroes and mystics find it very difficult to free themselves from it.

Heroic leaders of men try to transcend their petty attachments by force of will, while introspective yogis pursue knowledge for the same purpose. But the Lord’s illusory energy, Maya, is much stronger than any conditioned soul. Only by taking shelter of Krsna, the Lord of Maya, can one become immune to her influence.