Srila Prabhupad's Mercy to The World

Srimad Bhagavatam 10.85.40 - Srila Prabhupad's Mercy to The World (download mp3)
by Bhakti Rasayan Sagar Swami at ISKCON Chowpatty

SB 10.85.40
darsanam vam hi bhutanam
 dusprapam capy adurlabham
 yan nah praptau yadrcchaya

Seeing You Lords is a rare achievement for most living beings. But even persons like us, situated in the modes of passion and ignorance, can easily see You when You reveal Yourself by Your own sweet will.

By ascribing to himself the degraded status of a demoniac birth, Bali Maharaja denied any spiritual qualification for being visited by Krsna and Balarama. What to speak of demons like himself, Bali thought, even advanced renunciants on the paths of j├▒ana and yoga fail to please the Lord when they do not give up their pride and envy.