Prayers are the Essence of a Devotee's Life

Srimad Bhagavatam 10.87.04-07 - Prayers are the Essence of a Devotee's Life (download mp3)
by Haridas Thakur Prabhu ISKCON Chowpatty

SB 10.87.4
atra te varnayisyami
 gatham narayananvitam
naradasya ca samvadam
 rser narayanasya ca

In this connection I will relate to you a narration concerning the Supreme Lord Narayana. It is about a conversation that once occurred between Sri Narayana Rsi and Narada Muni.

Lord Narayana is connected in two ways with the following narration: as its speaker and as the subject it describes.

SB 10.87.5
ekada narado lokan
 paryatan bhagavat-priyah
sanatanam rsim drastum
 yayau narayanasramam

Once, while traveling among the various planets of the universe, the Lord’s beloved devotee Narada went to visit the primeval sage Narayana at His asrama.

SB 10.87.6
yo vai bharata-varse ’smin
 ksemaya svastaye nrnam
 a-kalpad asthitas tapah

From the very beginning of Brahma’s day Lord Narayana Rsi has been undergoing austere penances in this land of Bharata while perfectly performing religious duties and exemplifying spiritual knowledge and self-control — all for the benefit of human beings in both this world and the next.

SB 10.87.7
tatropavistam rsibhih
paritam pranato ’prcchad
 idam eva kurudvaha

There Narada approached Lord Narayana Rsi, who was sitting amidst sages of the village of Kalapa. After bowing down to the Lord, O hero of the Kurus, Narada asked Him the very same question you have asked me.