Where Does Richness of Heart Lies

Srimad Bhagavatam 10.86.40-45 - Where Does Richness of Heart Lies (download mp3)
by Vishwarup Prabhu at ISKCON Chowpatty

SB 10.86.40
tad-ambhasa maha-bhaga
 atmanam sa-grhanvayam
snapayam cakra uddharso

With the wash water, the virtuous Srutadeva copiously sprinkled himself, his house and his family. Overjoyed, he felt that all his desires had now been fulfilled.

SB 10.86.41
 mrda surabhya tulasi-kusambuyaih
aradhayam asa yathopapannaya
 saparyaya sattva-vivardhanandhasa

He worshiped them with offerings of auspicious items easily available to him, such as fruits, usira root, pure, nectarean water, fragrant clay, tulasi leaves, kusa grass and lotus flowers. Then he offered them food that increases the mode of goodness.

SB 10.86.42
sa tarkayam asa kuto mamanv abhut
 grhandha-kupe patitasya sangamah
yah sarva-tirthaspada-pada-renubhih
 krsnena casyatma-niketa-bhusuraih

He wondered: How is it that I, fallen into the blind well of family life, have been able to meet Lord Krsna? And how have I also been allowed to meet these great brahmanas, who always carry the Lord within their hearts? Indeed, the dust of their feet is the shelter of all holy places.

SB 10.86.43
supavistan krtatithyan
 srutadeva upasthitah

When his guests were seated comfortably, having each received a proper welcome, Srutadeva approached them and sat down nearby with his wife, children and other dependents. Then, while massaging the Lord’s feet, he addressed Krsna and the sages.

SB 10.86.44
srutadeva uvaca
nadya no darsanam praptah
 param parama-purusah
yarhidam saktibhih srstva
 pravisto hy atma-sattaya

Srutadeva said: It is not that we have attained the audience of the Supreme Person only today, for we have in fact been associating with Him ever since He created this universe with His energies and then entered it in His transcendental form.

SB 10.86.45
yatha sayanah puruso
srstva lokam param svapnam

The Lord is like a sleeping person who creates a separate world in his imagination and then enters his own dream and sees himself within it.

In the illusion of his dream, a sleeping person creates an apparent world, complete with cities populated by the fictional products of his imagination. In somewhat the same way, the Lord manifests the cosmos. Of course, the creation is not illusory for the Lord, but it is for those souls who are put under the control of His Maya potency. As her service to the Lord, Maya deludes the conditioned souls into accepting as real her temporary, insubstantial manifestations.