Lord Brahma Subdue his Anger by Applying his Intelligence

Srimad Bhagavatam 10.89.03-04 - Lord Brahma Subdue his Anger by Applying his Intelligence (download mp3)
by Candramauli Swami at ISKCON Chowpatty

SB 10.89.3
na tasmai prahvanam stotram
 cakre sattva-pariksaya
tasmai cukrodha bhagavan
 prajvalan svena tejasa

To test how well Lord Brahma was situated in the mode of goodness, Bhrgu failed to bow down to him or glorify him with prayers. The lord became angry at him, inflamed into fury by his own passion.

SB 10.89.4
sa atmany utthitam manyum
 atmajayatmana prabhuh
asisamad yatha vahnim
 sva-yonya varinatma-bhuh

Though anger toward his son was now rising within his heart, Lord Brahma was able to subdue it by applying his intelligence, in the same way that fire is extinguished by its own product, water.

Lord Brahma is sometimes affected by his contact with the mode of passion. But because he is adi-kavi, the firstborn and foremost learned scholar in the universe, when anger begins to disturb his mind he can control it by means of discriminating self-examination. In this instance he reminded himself that Bhrgu was his son. Thus in this verse Sukadeva Gosvami draws the analogy that Brahma’s own expansion (his son) served to put out his anger just as water, which originally evolved from elemental fire in the primeval creation, puts out a fire.