Supreme Benediction of Lord Shiva

Srimad Bhagavatam 10.88.09-16 - Supreme Benediction of Lord Shiva (download mp3)
by Haridas Thakur Prabhu at ISKCON Chowpatty

SB 10.88.9
sa yada vitathodyogo
 nirvinnah syad dhanehaya
mat-paraih krta-maitrasya
 karisye mad-anugraham

When he becomes frustrated in his attempts to make money and instead befriends My devotees, I bestow My special mercy upon him.

SB 10.88.10
tad brahma paramam suksmam
 cin-matram sad anantakam
vij├▒ayatmataya dhirah
 samsarat parimucyate

A person who has thus become sober fully realizes the Absolute as the highest truth, the most subtle and perfect manifestation of spirit, the transcendental existence without end. In this way realizing that the Supreme Truth is the foundation of his own existence, he is freed from the cycle of material life.

SB 10.88.11
ato mam su-duraradhyam
 hitvanyan bhajate janah
tatas ta asu-tosebhyo
mattah pramatta vara-dan
 vismayanty avajanate

Because I am difficult to worship, people generally avoid Me and instead worship other deities, who are quickly satisfied. When people receive kingly opulences from these deities, they become arrogant, intoxicated with pride and neglectful of their duties. They dare to offend even the demigods who have bestowed benedictions upon them.

SB 10.88.12
sri-suka uvaca
sapa-prasadayor isa
sadyah sapa-prasado ’nga
 sivo brahma na cacyutah

Sukadeva Gosvami said: Lord Brahma, Lord Visnu, Lord Siva and others are able to curse or bless one. Lord Siva and Lord Brahma are very quick to curse or bestow benedictions, my dear King, but the infallible Supreme Lord is not.

SB 10.88.13
atra codaharantimam
 itihasam puratanam
vrkasuraya giriso
 varam dattvapa sankatam

In this connection, an ancient historical account is related concerning how the Lord of Kailasa Mountain was put into danger by offering a choice of benedictions to the demon Vrka.

SB 10.88.14
vrko namasurah putrah
 sakuneh pathi naradam
drstvasu-tosam papraccha
 devesu trisu durmatih

The demon named Vrka, a son of Sakuni’s, once met Narada on the road. The wicked fellow asked him which of the three chief gods could be pleased most quickly.

SB 10.88.15
sa aha devam girisam
 upadhavasu siddhyasi
yo ’lpabhyam guna-dosabhyam
 asu tusyati kupyati

Narada told him: Worship Lord Siva and you will soon achieve success. He quickly becomes pleased by seeing his worshiper’s slightest good qualities — and quickly angered by seeing his slightest fault.

SB 10.88.16
dasasya-banayos tustah
 stuvator vandinor iva
aisvaryam atulam dattva
 tata apa su-sankatam

He became pleased with ten-headed Ravana, and also with Bana, when they each chanted his glories, like bards in a royal court. Lord Siva then bestowed unprecedented power upon each of them, but in both cases he was consequently beset with great difficulty.

Ravana worshiped Lord Siva to gain power and then misused that power to uproot the lord’s residence, sacred Kailasa-parvata. On Banasura’s request, Lord Siva agreed to personally guard Bana’s capital, and later he had to fight for Bana against Sri Krsna and His sons.