Aspiring for Everlasting Relationships

Srimad Bhagavatam 10.90.08-14 - Aspiring for Everlasting Relationships (download mp3)
by Krishna Chandra Prabhu at ISKCON Chowpatty

SB 10.90.8-9
upagiyamano gandharvair
vadayadbhir muda vinam
sicyamano ’cyutas tabhir
 hasantibhih sma recakaih
pratisiñcan vicikride
 yaksibhir yaksa-rad iva

As Gandharvas joyfully sang His praises to the accompaniment of mrdanga, panava and anaka drums, and as professional reciters known as Sutas, Magadhas and Vandis played vinas and recited poems praising Him, Lord Krsna would play with His wives in the water. Laughing, the queens would squirt water on Him with syringes, and He would squirt them back. Thus Krsna would sport with His queens in the same way that the lord of the Yaksas sports with the Yaksi nymphs.

SB 10.90.10
tah klinna-vastra-vivrtoru-kuca-pradesah
 siñcantya uddhrta-brhat-kavara-prasunah
kantam sma recaka-jihirsayayopaguhya
 jata-smarotsmaya-lasad-vadana virejuh

Under the drenched clothing of the queens, their thighs and breasts would become visible. The flowers tied in their large braids would scatter as they sprayed water on their consort, and on the plea of trying to take away His syringe, they would embrace Him. By His touch their lusty feelings would increase, causing their faces to beam with smiles. Thus Lord Krsna’s queens shone with resplendent beauty.

SB 10.90.11
krsnas tu tat-stana-visajjita-kunkuma-srak
siñcan muhur yuvatibhih pratisicyamano
 reme karenubhir ivebha-patih paritah

Lord Krsna’s flower garland would become smeared with kunkuma from their breasts, and His abundant locks of hair would become disheveled as a result of His absorption in the game. As the Lord repeatedly sprayed His young consorts and they sprayed Him in turn, He enjoyed Himself like the king of elephants enjoying in the company of his bevy of she-elephants.

SB 10.90.12
natanam nartakinam ca
 krsno ’dat tasya ca striyah

Afterward, Lord Krsna and His wives would give the ornaments and clothing they had worn during their water sports to the male and female performers, who earned their livelihood from singing and from playing instrumental music.

SB 10.90.13
krsnasyaivam viharato
 strinam kila hrta dhiyah

In this way Lord Krsna would sport with His queens, totally captivating their hearts with His gestures, talks, glances and smiles, and also with His jokes, playful exchanges and embraces.

SB 10.90.14
ucur mukundaika-dhiyo
 gira unmatta-vaj jadam
cintayantyo ’ravindaksam
 tani me gadatah srnu

The queens would become stunned in ecstatic trance, their minds absorbed in Krsna alone. Then, thinking of their lotus-eyed Lord, they would speak as if insane. Please hear these words from me as I relate them.

Srila Visvanatha Cakravarti Thakura explains that this superficial appearance of insanity in Lord Krsna’s queens, as if they had become intoxicated by dhattura or some other hallucinogenic drug, was in fact the manifestation of the sixth progressive stage of pure love of Godhead, technically known as prema-vaicitrya. Srila Rupa Gosvami refers to this variety of anuraga in his Ujjvala-nilamani (15.134):

priyasya sannikarse ’pi
ya vislesa-dhiyartis tat
 prema-vaicitryam ucyate

“When, as a natural by-product of one’s extreme love, one feels the distress of separation even in the direct presence of the beloved, this state is called prema-vaicitrya.”