Being Good Supporting Actor in Krishna's Service

Srimad Bhagavatam 10.89.48-49 - Being Good Supporting Actor in Krishna's Service (download mp3)
by Madhavendra Puri Prabhu at ISKCON Chowpatty

SB 10.89.48-49
tatrasvah saibya-sugriva-
tamasi bhrasta-gatayo
 babhuvur bharatarsabha
tan drstva bhagavan krsno
 sva-cakram prahinot purah

In that darkness the chariot’s horses — Saibya, Sugriva, Meghapuspa and Balahaka — lost their way. Seeing them in this condition, O best of the Bharatas, Lord Krsna, the supreme master of all masters of yoga, sent His Sudarsana disc before the chariot. That disc shone like thousands of suns.

Srila Visvanatha Cakravarti gives the following insight into this verse. Lord Krsna’s horses had descended from Vaikuntha to participate in His earthly pastimes. Since the Lord Himself was pretending to be a finite human being, His steeds now acted confused to enhance the drama of the situation for all who would one day hear this pastime.