Bonds Of Love Connect Beyond Physical Plane

Srimad Bhagavatam 11.06.45 - Bonds Of Love Connect Beyond Physical Plane (download mp3)
by Vishwarup Prabhu at ISKCON Chowpatty

 SB 11.6.45
katham tvam priyam atmanam
 vayam bhaktas tyajema hi

My dear Lord, You are the Supreme Soul, and thus You are most dear to us. We are Your devotees, and how can we possibly reject You or live without You even for a moment? Whether we are lying down, sitting, walking, standing, bathing, enjoying recreation, eating or doing anything else, we are constantly engaged in Your service.

One should be constantly engaged in the service of Lord Krsna. By hearing about Krsna and by serving Him, we can give up the illusion of trying to enjoy something separately from the Supreme Lord. If we neglect such hearing and serving, our minds will become bewildered by the illusory energy of the Lord, and seeing the world as separate from Krsna, we will take it as a place meant for our own sense gratification. This gross ignorance brings nothing but trouble to the living entity.

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