Understand the Pastimes of Krishna only by Hearing from recognized Acaryas

Srimad Bhagavatam 11.06.36-41 - Understand the Pastimes of Krishna only by Hearing from recognized Acaryas (download mp3)
by Srila Haridas Thakur Prabhu at ISKCON Chowpatty

SB 11.6.36
yatra snatva daksa-sapad
 grhito yaksmanodu-rat
vimuktah kilbisat sadyo
 bheje bhuyah kalodayam

Once, the moon was afflicted with consumption because of the curse of Daksa, but just by taking bath at Prabhasa-ksetra, the moon was immediately freed from his sinful reaction and again resumed the waxing of his phases.

SB 11.6.37-38
vayam ca tasminn aplutya
 tarpayitva pitrn suran
bhojayitvosijo vipran
tesu danani patresu
 sraddhayoptva mahanti vai
vrjinani tarisyamo
 danair naubhir ivarnavam

By bathing at Prabhasa-ksetra, by offering sacrifice there to placate the forefathers and demigods, by feeding the worshipable brahmanas with various delicious foodstuffs and by bestowing opulent gifts upon them as the most suitable candidates for charity, we will certainly cross over these terrible dangers through such acts of charity, just as one can cross over a great ocean in a suitable boat.

SB 11.6.39
sri-suka uvaca
evam bhagavatadista
 yadavah kuru-nandana
gantum krta-dhiyas tirtham
 syandanan samayuyujan

Sukadeva Gosvami said: O favorite son of the Kurus, thus advised by the Personality of Godhead, the Yadavas made up their minds to go to that holy place, Prabhasa-ksetra, and thus yoked their horses to their chariots.

SB 11.6.40-41
tan niriksyoddhavo rajan
 srutva bhagavatoditam
drstvaristani ghorani
 nityam krsnam anuvratah
vivikta upasangamya
 jagatam isvaresvaram
pranamya sirasa padau
 praƱjalis tam abhasata

My dear King, Uddhava was a constantly faithful follower of Lord Krsna. Upon seeing the imminent departure of the Yadavas, hearing from them of the Lord’s instructions and taking note of the fearful omens, he approached the Personality of Godhead in a private place. He bowed down with his head at the lotus feet of the supreme controller of the universe and with folded hands addressed Him as follows.

According to Srila Jiva Gosvami there cannot be any actual disturbance in the Lord’s own abode. The great disasters apparently occurring in Dvaraka were an external show created by the Lord to facilitate His pastimes. We can understand the pastimes of Krsna only by hearing from the recognized acaryas. Lord Krsna is not a mundane historical figure, and His activities cannot be confined within the tiny limits of material logic. Lord Krsna’s pastimes are an exhibition of His acintya-sakti, or inconceivable potency, which functions according to higher, spiritual laws, unknown to the blind conditioned souls and their petty material logic.

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