With Growing Pains We Should have Growing Plans

Srimad Bhagavatam 11.06.25-29 - With Growing Pains We Should have Growing Plans (download mp3)
by Sankirtan Prabhu at ISKCON Chowpatty

SB 11.6.25
yadu-vamse ’vatirnasya
 bhavatah purusottama
sarac-chatam vyatiyaya
 paƱca-vimsadhikam prabho

O Supreme Personality of Godhead, O my Lord, You have descended into the Yadu dynasty, and thus You have spent one hundred twenty-five autumns with Your devotees.

SB 11.6.26-27
nadhuna te ’khiladhara
kulam ca vipra-sapena
 nasta-prayam abhud idam
tatah sva-dhama paramam
 visasva yadi manyase
sa-lokal loka-palan nah
 pahi vaikuntha-kinkaran

My dear Lord, there is nothing remaining at this time for Your Lordship to do on behalf of the demigods. You have already withdrawn Your dynasty by the curse of the brahmanas. O Lord, You are the basis of everything, and if You so desire, kindly return now to Your own abode in the spiritual world. At the same time, we humbly beg that You always protect us. We are Your humble servants, and on Your behalf we are managing the universal situation. We, along with our planets and followers, require Your constant protection.

SB 11.6.28
sri-bhagavan uvaca
avadharitam etan me
 yad attha vibudhesvara
krtam vah karyam akhilam
 bhumer bharo ’vataritah

The Supreme Lord said: O lord of the demigods, Brahma, I understand your prayers and request. Having removed the burden of the earth, I have executed everything that was required on your behalf.

SB 11.6.29
tad idam yadava-kulam
lokam jighrksad ruddham me
 velayeva maharnavah

That very Yadava dynasty in which I appeared became greatly magnified in opulence, especially in their physical strength and courage, to the extent that they threatened to devour the whole world. Therefore I have stopped them, just as the shore holds back the great ocean.

The heroes of the Yadu dynasty were so powerful that even the demigods could not check them. The enthusiasm of the Yadus was unlimitedly increased by their victories in dangerous battles, and they could not be killed. Due to their martial spirit they naturally desired to establish their power over the whole world; therefore the Lord checked them and withdrew them from the earth.

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