Devotional Service is easier if attachments given up

Srimad Bhagavatam 11.09.01-02 - Devotional Service is easier if attachments given up (download mp3)
by Gaura Hari Prabhu at ISKCON Chowpatty

  SB 11.9.1
sri-brahmana uvaca
parigraho hi duhkhaya
 yad yat priyatamam nrnam
anantam sukham apnoti
 tad vidvan yas tv akiƱcanah

The saintly brahmana said: Everyone considers certain things within the material world to be most dear to him, and because of attachment to such things one eventually becomes miserable. One who understands this gives up material possessiveness and attachment and thus achieves unlimited happiness.

SB 11.9.2
samisam kuraram jaghnur
 balino ’nye niramisah
tadamisam parityajya
 sa sukham samavindata

Once a group of large hawks who were unable to find any prey attacked another, weaker hawk who was holding some meat. At that time, being in danger of his life, the hawk gave up his meat and experienced actual happiness.

Incited by the modes of nature, birds become violent and kill other birds to eat them or to steal meat captured by them. Hawks, vultures and eagles are in this category. However, one should give up the envious propensity to commit violence against others and should take to Krsna consciousness, whereby one sees every living entity as equal to oneself. On this platform of actual happiness one does not envy anyone and thus sees no one as his enemy.

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