Relationship has a Key to Mind Control

Srimad Bhagavatam 11.09.14 - Relationship has a Key to Mind Control (download mp3)
by Avatar Lila Prabhu at ISKCON Chowpatty

SB 11.9.14
eka-cary aniketah syad
 apramatto guhasayah
alaksyamana acarair
 munir eko ’lpa-bhasanah

A saintly person should remain alone and constantly travel without any fixed residence. Being alert, he should remain secluded and should act in such a way that he is not recognized or noticed by others. Moving without companions, he should not speak more than required.


The previous narration concerning the shell bracelets of the young girl demonstrates that even saintly persons engaged in ordinary yoga processes should remain alone to avoid conflict or disturbance. In other words, persons engaged in ordinary yoga processes should not even associate with each other. This verse indirectly refers to the serpent, who, fearing attack from human beings, keeps himself secluded. From this example we learn that a saintly person should not associate with ordinary materialistic people. He should also avoid having a fixed residence and should wander unnoticed by others.

Our engagement in material existence is the cause of our unhappiness. Such engagement destroys the real purpose of our life, Krsna consciousness. Somehow or other one must give up the deep-rooted attachment to material society, friendship and love. One must practice detachment, and by surrender to the principles of Krsna consciousness one’s auspicious life will begin. By organizing one’s life according to the varnasrama system one can take the first step in self-realization. In other words, one should accept an honest occupation and regulate his sex life, either by giving it up entirely as a brahmacari or sannyasi or by living as a married householder. Without regulating one’s occupation and personal life, there will be chaos, and it will be very difficult to make spiritual advancement. The attachments to material society, friendship and love are based on a long previous experience in the material world. They are great obstacles in the path of transcendental understanding, and if one maintains them, spiritual progress will be most difficult. Caitanya Mahaprabhu taught by His example and precept what a devotee should and should not do, and obedience to such principles brings one to the path of supreme perfection. Thus, one has to rise above ordinary social custom, which directs the living entity toward useless sense gratification.

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