Tune-In to Krishna's Nature

Srimad Bhagavatam 11.09.05-09 - Tune-In to Krishna's Nature (download mp3)
by Dwarkadhish Prabhu at ISKCON Chowpatty

SB 11.9.5
kvacit kumari tv atmanam
 vrnanan grham agatan
svayam tan arhayam asa
 kvapi yatesu bandhusu

Once a marriageable young girl was alone in her house because her parents and relatives had gone that day to another place. At that time a few men arrived at the house, specifically desiring to marry her. She received them with all hospitality.

SB 11.9.6
tesam abhyavaharartham
 salin rahasi parthiva
avaghnantyah prakostha-sthas
 cakruh sankhah svanam mahat

The girl went to a private place and began to make preparations so that the unexpected male guests could eat. As she was beating the rice, the conchshell bracelets on her arms were colliding and making a loud noise.

SB 11.9.7
sa taj jugupsitam matva
 mahati vridita tatah
babhaƱjaikaikasah sankhan
 dvau dvau panyor asesayat

The young girl feared that the men would consider her family to be poor because their daughter was busily engaged in the menial task of husking rice. Being very intelligent, the shy girl broke the shell bracelets from her arms, leaving just two on each wrist.

SB 11.9.8
ubhayor apy abhud ghoso
 hy avaghnantyah sva-sankhayoh
tatrapy ekam nirabhidad
 ekasman nabhavad dhvanih

Thereafter, as the young girl continued to husk the rice, the two bracelets on each wrist continued to collide and make noise. Therefore she took one bracelet off each arm, and with only one left on each wrist there was no more noise.

SB 11.9.9
anvasiksam imam tasya
 upadesam arindama
lokan anucarann etan

O subduer of the enemy, I travel throughout the surface of the earth learning constantly about the nature of this world, and thus I personally witnessed the lesson of the young girl.

The brahmana sage here explains to King Yadu that he is not presenting theoretical knowledge. Rather, by wandering throughout the world the observant and thoughtful brahmana has personally experienced the lessons learned from all of the above-mentioned gurus. Thus, instead of posing himself to be omniscient like God, he humbly explains that he has faithfully learned these lessons in his travels.

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