Magnanimity of Holy Names

Srimad Bhagavatam 11.13.11-14 - Magnanimity of Holy Names (download mp3)
by Radhika Vallabha Prabhu at ISKCON Chowpatty

SB 11.13.11
karoti kama-vasa-gah
 karmany avijitendriyah
duhkhodarkani sampasyan

One who does not control the material senses comes under the control of material desires and is thus bewildered by the strong waves of the mode of passion. Such a person executes material activities, although clearly seeing that the result will be future unhappiness.

SB 11.13.12
rajas-tamobhyam yad api
 vidvan viksipta-dhih punah
atandrito mano yuñjan
 dosa-drstir na sajjate

Although the intelligence of a learned person may be bewildered by the modes of passion and ignorance, he should again carefully bring the mind under control. By clearly seeing the contamination of the modes of nature, he does not become attached.

SB 11.13.13
apramatto ’nuyuñjita
 mano mayy arpayañ chanaih
anirvinno yatha-kalam
 jita-svaso jitasanah

A person should be attentive and grave and never lazy or morose. Mastering the yoga procedures of breathing and sitting properly, one should practice fixing the mind on Me at dawn, noon and sunset, and thus gradually the mind should be completely absorbed in Me.

SB 11.13.14
etavan yoga adisto
 mac-chisyaih sanakadibhih
sarvato mana akrsya
 mayy addhavesyate yatha

The actual yoga system as taught by My devotees, headed by Sanaka-kumara, is simply this: Having withdrawn the mind from all other objects, one should directly and appropriately absorb it in Me.

The word yatha (“accordingly” or “properly”) indicates that like Uddhava one should hear directly from Lord Krsna or His bona fide representative and directly (addha) fix the mind in Lord Krsna.

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