Religious Scriptures show us the path to Krishna

Srimad Bhagavatam 11.13.03-04 - Religious Scriptures show us the path to Krishna (download mp3)
by Gaur Shakti Prabhu at ISKCON Chowpatty

SB 11.13.3
dharmo rajas tamo hanyat
 sattva-vrddhir anuttamah
asu nasyati tan-mulo
 hy adharma ubhaye hate

Religious principles, strengthened by the mode of goodness, destroy the influence of passion and ignorance. When passion and ignorance are overcome, their original cause, irreligion, is quickly vanquished.

SB 11.13.4
agamo ’pah praja desah
 kalah karma ca janma ca
dhyanam mantro ’tha samskaro
 dasaite guna-hetavah

According to the quality of religious scriptures, water, one’s association with one’s children or with people in general, the particular place, the time, activities, birth, meditation, chanting of mantras, and purificatory rituals, the modes of nature become differently prominent.

The ten items mentioned above possess superior and inferior qualities and are thus identified as being in goodness, passion or ignorance. One can increase the mode of goodness by selecting religious scriptures in goodness, pure water, friendship with other persons in goodness, and so on. One should scrupulously avoid any of these ten items that may be polluted by an inferior mode of nature.

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