Krishna Consciousness is the Solution to all the Problems

Srimad Bhagavatam 11.13.30 - Krishna Consciousness is the Solution to all the Problems (download mp3)
by Bhakti Rasayan Sagar Swami at ISKCON Chowpatty

SB 11.13.30
yavan nanartha-dhih pumso
 na nivarteta yuktibhih
jagarty api svapann aj├▒ah
 svapne jagaranam yatha

According to My instructions, one should fix the mind on Me alone. If, however, one continues to see many different values and goals in life rather than seeing everything within Me, then although apparently awake, one is actually dreaming due to incomplete knowledge, just as one may dream that one has wakened from a dream.

One who is not Krsna conscious cannot understand that everything is resting within Lord Krsna, and thus it is impossible for him to retire from material sense gratification. One may adopt a particular process of salvation and consider oneself to be “saved”; nevertheless, his material conditioning will remain and thus he will maintain his attachment to the material world. While one is dreaming he sometimes imagines that he has awakened from a dream and is experiencing normal consciousness. Similarly, one may consider oneself to be saved, but if he remains absorbed in making material value judgements between good and bad, without reference to devotional service to the Supreme Lord, he is understood to be a conditioned soul covered by the illusory identification with matter.

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