Attitude of Receiving Chastisement

Srimad Bhagavatam 11.16.42 - Attitude of Receiving Chastisement (download mp3)
by Rukmini Mataji at ISKCON Chowpatty

SB 11.16.42
vacam yaccha mano yaccha
 pranan yacchedriyani ca
atmanam atmana yaccha
 na bhuyah kalpase ’dhvane

Therefore, control your speaking, subdue the mind, conquer the life air, regulate the senses and through purified intelligence bring your rational faculties under control. In this way you will never again fall onto the path of material existence.

One should see all things as expansions of the Supreme Lord’s potency, and thus with speech, mind and senses one should offer respect to all things, without minimizing any living entity or material object. Since everything belongs to the Lord, everything ultimately should be engaged in the Lord’s service with great care. A self-realized devotee tolerates personal insult and does not become envious of any living entity, nor does he see anyone as his enemy. This is practical enlightenment. Although a pure devotee may criticize those who obstruct the Lord’s mission, such criticism is never personally motivated nor is it ever based on enviousness. An advanced devotee of the Lord may chastise his followers or criticize the demoniac, but only to carry out the mission of the Supreme Lord and never out of personal enmity or enviousness. For one who completely gives up the material concept of life there is no possibility of entering again onto the path of birth and death.

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