Focus on Solution not The Problem

Srimad Bhagavatam 11.17.19-20 - Focus on Solution not The Problem (download mp3)
by Satyananda Prabhu at ISKCON Chowpatty

SB 11.17.19
susrusanam dvija-gavam
 devanam capy amayaya
tatra labdhena santosah
 sudra-prakrtayas tv imah

Service without duplicity to the brahmanas, cows, demigods and other worshipable personalities, and complete satisfaction with whatever income is obtained in such service, are the natural qualities of sudras.

When the entire social order is functioning properly according to Vedic standards, everyone is happy and satisfied. Although the sudras are to be satisfied with whatever income they obtain through their service, they never lack the necessities of life, because the other orders of society, such as ksatriyas and vaisyas, are required to be abundantly generous, and the brahmanas are well known for being the most merciful of all. Therefore, if all social classes obey the Vedic injunctions there will be a new and blissful life for the entire human society under the guidance of Krsna consciousness.

SB 11.17.20
asaucam anrtam steyam
 nastikyam suska-vigrahah
kamah krodhas ca tarsas ca
 sa bhavo ’ntyavasayinam

Dirtiness, dishonesty, thievery, faithlessness, useless quarrel, lust, anger and hankering constitute the nature of those in the lowest position outside the varnasrama system.

Here the Lord describes those who reside outside the scientific social system called varnasrama. In Europe and America, we have practically observed that the standards of cleanliness are abominable even among so-called educated persons. Going without bathing and the use of indecent language are common. In the modern age people whimsically speak whatever they like, dispensing with all authority, and there is therefore very little truthfulness or true wisdom. Similarly, in both the capitalistic and communistic countries, everyone is busily engaged in stealing and robbing from everyone else in the name of business, taxation or outright crime. People are not confident of the kingdom of God nor of their own eternal nature, and thus their faith is very weak. Moreover, since modern human beings are not very interested in Krsna consciousness they constantly quarrel, bicker and fight over completely insignificant issues relating to the material body. Thus at the slightest provocation there are huge wars and massacres. Lust, anger and hankering have become practically unlimited in Kali-yuga. The symptoms and characteristics mentioned here can be abundantly observed throughout the world, wherever people have fallen away from the varnasrama system. Because of sinful habits such as animal killing, illicit sex, intoxication and gambling, the great majority of human beings have become candalas, or untouchables.

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