How to be Peaceful

Srimad Bhagavatam 11.19.25 - How to be Peaceful (download mp3)
by Avatar Lila Prabhu at ISKCON Chowpatty

SB 11.19.25
yadatmany arpitam cittam
 santam sattvopabrmhitam
dharmam jñanam sa vairagyam
 aisvaryam cabhipadyate

When one’s peaceful consciousness, strengthened by the mode of goodness, is fixed on the Personality of Godhead, one achieves religiosity, knowledge, detachment and opulence.

A pure devotee becomes peaceful, santa, by desiring everything for the service of the Lord and nothing for himself. He is strengthened by the transcendental, or purified, mode of goodness and thus achieves the supreme religious principle of directly serving the Lord. He also achieves jñana, or knowledge of the Lord’s form and his own spiritual body, detachment from material piety and sin, and the opulences of the spiritual world. One who is not a pure devotee of the Lord, however, but whose devotion is mixed with a fascination for mystic knowledge, is strengthened by the material mode of goodness. Through his meditation on the Lord he achieves the lesser results of dharma (piety in the mode of goodness), jñana (knowledge of spirit and matter) and vairagya (detachment from the lower modes of nature). Ultimately, one should be a pure devotee of the Lord, since even the best the material world has to offer is most insignificant compared to the kingdom of God.

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