Krishna - The Sweet Lord

Srimad Bhagavatam 11.21.33-34 - Krishna-The Sweet Lord (download mp3)
by Murlidhar Prabhu at ISKCON Chowpatty

SB 11.21.33-34
istveha devata yaj├▒air
 gatva ramsyamahe divi
tasyanta iha bhuyasma
 maha-sala maha-kulah
evam puspitaya vaca
 vyaksipta-manasam nrnam
maninam cati-lubdhanam
 mad-vartapi na rocate

The worshipers of demigods think, “We shall worship the demigods in this life, and by our sacrifices we shall go to heaven and enjoy there. When that enjoyment is finished we shall return to this world and take birth as great householders in aristocratic families.” Being excessively proud and greedy, such persons are bewildered by the flowery words of the Vedas. They are not attracted to topics about Me, the Supreme Lord.

Real pleasure is found in the transcendental form of the Lord, who is the supreme Cupid, engaging in pastimes of love in the spiritual world. Neglecting the eternal bliss of the Lord’s pastimes, the foolish worshipers of the demigods dream of becoming like the Lord, but they achieve exactly the opposite result. In other words, they continue perpetually in the cycle of birth and death.

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