Our Real Identity

Srimad Bhagavatam 11.22.51 - Our Real Identity (download mp3)
by Nityananda Charan Prabhu at ISKCON Chowpatty

SB 11.22.51
prakrter evam atmanam
 avivicyabudhah puman
tattvena sparsa-sammudhah
 samsaram pratipadyate

An unintelligent man, failing to distinguish himself from material nature, thinks nature to be real. By contact with it he becomes completely bewildered and enters into the cycle of material existence.

A similar verse is found in Srimad-Bhagavatam (1.7.5):

yaya sammohito jiva
 atmanam tri-gunatmakam
paro ’pi manute ’nartham
 tat-krtam cabhipadyate

“Due to this external energy, the living entity, although transcendental to the three modes of material nature, thinks of himself as a material product and thus undergoes the reactions of material miseries.”

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