Prelude to Uddhava Gita

Srimad Bhagavatam 11.23.16-19 - Prelude to Uddhava Gita (download mp3)
by Pawaneshwar Prabhu at ISKCON Chowpatty

SB 11.23.16
yaśo yaśasvināṁ śuddhaṁ
ślāghyā ye guṇināṁ guṇāḥ
lobhaḥ sv-alpo ’pi tān hanti
śvitro rūpam ivepsitam

Whatever pure fame is possessed by the famous and whatever praiseworthy qualities are found in the virtuous are destroyed by even a small amount of greed, just as one’s attractive physical beauty is ruined by a trace of white leprosy.

SB 11.23.17
arthasya sādhane siddhe
utkarṣe rakṣaṇe vyaye
nāśopabhoga āyāsas
trāsaś cintā bhramo nṛṇām

In the earning, attainment, increase, protection, expense, loss and enjoyment of wealth, all men experience great labor, fear, anxiety and delusion.

SB 11.23.18-19
steyaṁ hiṁsānṛtaṁ dambhaḥ
kāmaḥ krodhaḥ smayo madaḥ
bhedo vairam aviśvāsaḥ
saṁspardhā vyasanāni ca
ete pañcadaśānarthā
hy artha-mūlā matā nṛṇām
tasmād anartham arthākhyaṁ
śreyo-’rthī dūratas tyajet

Theft, violence, speaking lies, duplicity, lust, anger, perplexity, pride, quarreling, enmity, faithlessness, envy and the dangers caused by women, gambling and intoxication are the fifteen undesirable qualities that contaminate men because of greed for wealth. Although these qualities are undesirable, men falsely ascribe value to them. One desiring to achieve the real benefit of life should therefore remain aloof from undesirable material wealth.

The words anartham arthākhyam, or “undesirable wealth,” indicate wealth that cannot be efficiently engaged in the loving service of the Lord. Such superfluous money or property will undoubtedly pollute a man with all of the above-mentioned qualities and therefore should be given up.

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