Spiritual World is Full of Happiness and Satisfaction

Srimad Bhagvatam 11.23.07-10 - Spiritual World is Full of Happiness and Satisfaction (download mp3)
by Candramauli Swami at ISKCON Chowpatty

SB 11.23.07
jñātayo ’tithayas tasya
vāṅ-mātreṇāpi nārcitāḥ
śūnyāvasatha ātmāpi
kāle kāmair anarcitaḥ

In his home, devoid of religiosity and lawful sense gratification, the family members and guests were never properly respected, even with words. He would not even allow sufficient gratification for his own body at the suitable times.

SB 11.23.08
duḥśīlasya kadaryasya
druhyante putra-bāndhavāḥ
dārā duhitaro bhṛtyā
viṣaṇṇā nācaran priyam

Since he was so hardhearted and miserly, his sons, in-laws, wife, daughters and servants began to feel inimical toward him. Becoming disgusted, they would never treat him with affection.

SB 11.23.09
tasyaivaṁ yakṣa-vittasya
cukrudhuḥ pañca-bhāginaḥ

In this way the presiding deities of the five family sacrifices became angry at the brāhmaṇa, who, being niggardly, guarded his wealth like a Yakṣa, who had no good destination either in this world or the next, and who was totally deprived of religiosity and sense enjoyment.

SB 11.23.10
puṇya-skandhasya bhūri-da
artho ’py agacchan nidhanaṁ

O magnanimous Uddhava, by his neglect of these demigods he depleted his stock of piety and all his wealth. The accumulation of his repeated exhaustive endeavors was totally lost.

The brāhmaṇa’s stock of piety became like a withered branch that no longer gives fruits or flowers. Śrīla Jīva Gosvāmī comments that the brāhmaṇa had a trace of piety directed at the Supreme Lord with hopes of liberation. That pure portion of the branch of his piety remained unwithered, eventually giving the fruit of knowledge.

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