The Perils of Fame

Srimad Bhagavatam 11.25.14-20 - The Perils of Fame (download mp3)
by Akinchan Krishna Prabhu at ISKCON Chowpatty

SB 11.25.14
yadā jayet tamaḥ sattvaṁ
rajaḥ saṅgaṁ bhidā calam
tadā duḥkhena yujyeta
karmaṇā yaśasā śriyā

When the mode of passion, which causes attachment, separatism and activity, conquers ignorance and goodness, a man begins to work hard to acquire prestige and fortune. Thus in the mode of passion he experiences anxiety and struggle.

SB 11.25.15
yadā jayed rajaḥ sattvaṁ
tamo mūḍhaṁ layaṁ jaḍam
yujyeta śoka-mohābhyāṁ
nidrayā hiṁsayāśayā

When the mode of ignorance conquers passion and goodness, it covers one’s consciousness and makes one foolish and dull. Falling into lamentation and illusion, a person in the mode of ignorance sleeps excessively, indulges in false hopes, and displays violence toward others.

SB 11.25.16
yadā cittaṁ prasīdeta
indriyāṇāṁ ca nirvṛtiḥ
dehe ’bhayaṁ mano-’saṅgaṁ
tat sattvaṁ viddhi mat-padam

When consciousness becomes clear and the senses are detached from matter, one experiences fearlessness within the material body and detachment from the material mind. You should understand this situation to be the predominance of the mode of goodness, in which one has the opportunity to realize Me.

SB 11.25.17
vikurvan kriyayā cā-dhīr
anivṛttiś ca cetasām
gātrāsvāsthyaṁ mano bhrāntaṁ
raja etair niśāmaya

You should discern the mode of passion by its symptoms — the distortion of the intelligence because of too much activity, the inability of the perceiving senses to disentangle themselves from mundane objects, an unhealthy condition of the working physical organs, and the unsteady perplexity of the mind.

SB 11.25.18
sīdac cittaṁ vilīyeta
cetaso grahaṇe ’kṣamam
mano naṣṭaṁ tamo glānis
tamas tad upadhāraya

When one’s higher awareness fails and finally disappears and one is thus unable to concentrate his attention, his mind is ruined and manifests ignorance and depression. You should understand this situation to be the predominance of the mode of ignorance.

SB 11.25.19
edhamāne guṇe sattve
devānāṁ balam edhate
asurāṇāṁ ca rajasi
tamasy uddhava rakṣasām

With the increase of the mode of goodness, the strength of the demigods similarly increases. When passion increases, the demoniac become strong. And with the rise of ignorance, O Uddhava, the strength of the most wicked increases.

SB 11.25.20
sattvāj jāgaraṇaṁ vidyād
rajasā svapnam ādiśet
prasvāpaṁ tamasā jantos
turīyaṁ triṣu santatam

It should be understood that alert wakefulness comes from the mode of goodness, sleep with dreaming from the mode of passion, and deep, dreamless sleep from the mode of ignorance. The fourth state of consciousness pervades these three and is transcendental.

Our original Kṛṣṇa consciousness exists eternally within the soul, and it is also present in all the three phases of awareness, namely normal wakefulness, dreaming and dreamless sleep. Being covered by the modes of nature, this spiritual consciousness may not be manifest, but it continues to exist eternally as the real nature of the living entity.

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