Three Method for Overcoming Three Mode

Srimad Bhagavatam 11.25.29-32 - Three Method for Overcoming Three Mode (download mp3)
by Vraj Bihari Prabhu at ISKCON Chowpatty

SB 11.25.29
sāttvikaṁ sukham ātmotthaṁ
viṣayotthaṁ tu rājasam
tāmasaṁ moha-dainyotthaṁ
nirguṇaṁ mad-apāśrayam

Happiness derived from the self is in the mode of goodness, happiness based on sense gratification is in the mode of passion, and happiness based on delusion and degradation is in the mode of ignorance. But that happiness found within Me is transcendental.

SB 11.25.30
dravyaṁ deśaḥ phalaṁ kālo
jñānaṁ karma ca kārakaḥ
śraddhāvasthākṛtir niṣṭhā
trai-guṇyaḥ sarva eva hi

Therefore material substance, place, result of activity, time, knowledge, work, the performer of work, faith, state of consciousness, species of life and destination after death are all based on the three modes of material nature.

SB 11.25.31
sarve guṇa-mayā bhāvāḥ
dṛṣṭaṁ śrutam anudhyātaṁ
buddhyā vā puruṣarṣabha

O best of human beings, all states of material being are related to the interaction of the enjoying soul and material nature. Whether seen, heard of or only conceived within the mind, they are without exception constituted of the modes of nature.

SB 11.25.32
etāḥ saṁsṛtayaḥ puṁso
yeneme nirjitāḥ saumya
guṇā jīvena citta-jāḥ
bhakti-yogena man-niṣṭho
mad-bhāvāya prapadyate

O gentle Uddhava, all these different phases of conditioned life arise from work born of the modes of material nature. The living entity who conquers these modes, manifested from the mind, can dedicate himself to Me by the process of devotional service and thus attain pure love for Me.

The words mad-bhāvāya prapadyate indicate the attainment of love for God or of the same state of existence as that of the Supreme Lord. Actual liberation is residence within the eternal kingdom of God, where life is full of bliss and knowledge. The conditioned soul falsely imagines himself to be the enjoyer of the modes of nature, and thus a particular type of material work is generated, the reaction of which binds the conditioned soul to repeated birth and death. This fruitless process can be counteracted by loving service to the Lord, as described here.

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