Transcend Three Modes by Surrendering to Krishna

Srimad Bhagavatam 11.25.33-35 - Transcend Three Modes by Surrendering to Krishna (download mp3)
by Vaiyasaki Prabhu at ISKCON Chowpatty

SB 11.25.33
tasmād deham imaṁ labdhvā
guṇa-saṅgaṁ vinirdhūya
māṁ bhajantu vicakṣaṇāḥ

Therefore, having achieved this human form of life, which allows one to develop full knowledge, those who are intelligent should free themselves from all contamination of the modes of nature and engage exclusively in loving service to Me.

SB 11.25.34
niḥsaṅgo māṁ bhajed vidvān
apramatto jitendriyaḥ
rajas tamaś cābhijayet
sattva-saṁsevayā muniḥ

A wise sage, free from all material association and unbewildered, should subdue his senses and worship Me. He should conquer the modes of passion and ignorance by engaging himself only with things in the mode of goodness.

SB 11.25.35
sattvaṁ cābhijayed yukto
nairapekṣyeṇa śānta-dhīḥ
sampadyate guṇair mukto
jīvo jīvaṁ vihāya mām

Then, being fixed in devotional service, the sage should also conquer the material mode of goodness by indifference toward the modes. Thus pacified within his mind, the spirit soul, freed from the modes of nature, gives up the very cause of his conditioned life and attains Me.

The word nairapekṣyeṇa refers to complete detachment from the modes of material nature. By attachment to the loving service of the Lord, which is completely transcendental, one gives up one’s interest in the modes of nature.

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