Lord Gauranga's mercy in three ways

Srimad Bhagavatam 11.27.20 - Lord Gauranga's mercy in three ways (download mp3)
by Sankirtan Prabhu at ISKCON Chowpatty

SB 11.27.20
kṛta-nyāsaḥ kṛta-nyāsāṁ
mad-arcāṁ pāṇināmṛjet
kalaśaṁ prokṣaṇīyaṁ ca
yathāvad upasādhayet

The devotee should sanctify the various parts of his body by touching them and chanting mantras. He should do the same for My Deity form, and then with his hands he should clean the Deity of old flowers and the remnants of previous offerings. He should properly prepare the sacred pot and the vessel containing water for sprinkling.

Before beginning the process of worship mentioned here, one should offer obeisances to one’s spiritual master, the Deity and other worshipable personalities.


saradaenglisheducation said...

my obeisances to H.G.Shankhadharidas
Prabhu&H.H.JAyapatagaSwami Mahraj&ALL

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DANDAVATS TO H.H.Mahrajes of Iskcon chowpatty

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DANDAVATS TO ALL H.HSwamajrajes!&Diciples.
Please publish the Mahraj's Name on lecture

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SUPREME KRISHNA is the only purushotthama.
Spiritual Masters are the only authority to release jivas according to B.g.7.14
But stupid jiva think that he is kartha because of illusion.