Perfect End . . . The DANCE of Kaal

by Rudranath Prabhu at ISKCON Chowpatty

SB 12.04.34
yadaivam etena viveka-hetinā
chittvācyutātmānubhavo ’vatiṣṭhate
tam āhur ātyantikam aṅga samplavam

My dear Parīkṣit, when the illusory false ego that binds the soul has been cut off with the sword of discriminating knowledge and one has developed realization of Lord Acyuta, the Supreme Soul, this is called the ātyantika, or ultimate, annihilation of material existence.

SB 12.04.35
nityadā sarva-bhūtānāṁ
brahmādīnāṁ parantapa
utpatti-pralayāv eke
sūkṣma-jñāḥ sampracakṣate

Experts in the subtle workings of nature, O subduer of the enemy, have declared that there are continuous processes of creation and annihilation that all created beings, beginning with Brahmā, constantly undergo.

SB 12.04.36
hriyamāṇasya nityadā
pariṇāminām avasthās tā

All material entities undergo transformation and are constantly and swiftly eroded by the mighty currents of time. The various stages of existence that material things exhibit are the perpetual causes of their generation and annihilation.

SB 12.04.37
avasthā naiva dṛśyante
viyati jyotiṣām iva

These stages of existence created by beginningless and endless time, the impersonal representative of the Supreme Lord, are not visible, just as the infinitesimal momentary changes of position of the planets in the sky cannot be directly seen.

Although everyone knows that the sun is constantly moving in the sky, one cannot normally see the sun moving. Similarly, no one can directly perceive his hair or nails growing, although with the passing of time we perceive the fact of growth. Time, the potency of the Lord, is very subtle and powerful and is an insurmountable barrier to fools who are trying to exploit the material creation.

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