Accepting Krishna as the Ultimate Shelter

by Chaitanya Lila Prabhu at ISKCON Chowpatty

SB 12.07.19
vyatirekānvayo yasya
māyā-mayeṣu tad brahma
jīva-vṛttiṣv apāśrayaḥ

The Supreme Absolute Truth is present throughout all the stages of awareness — waking consciousness, sleep and deep sleep — throughout all the phenomena manifested by the illusory energy, and within the functions of all living entities, and He also exists separate from all these. Thus situated in His own transcendence, He is the ultimate and unique shelter.

SB 12.07.20
padārtheṣu yathā dravyaṁ
san-mātraṁ rūpa-nāmasu
hy avasthāsu yutāyutam

Although a material object may assume various forms and names, its essential ingredient is always present as the basis of its existence. Similarly, both conjointly and separately, the Supreme Absolute Truth is always present with the created material body throughout its phases of existence, beginning with conception and ending with death.

Moist clay can be molded into various shapes and named “waterpot,” “flowerpot” or “storage pot.” Despite the various names and forms, the essential ingredient, earth, is constantly present. Similarly, the Supreme Lord is present throughout a material body’s stages of bodily existence. The Lord is identical with material nature, being its ultimate generating source. At the same time, the unique Supreme Being exists separately, aloof in His own abode.

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