Deepavali Celebration How may I Serve You

by Brajchandra Prabhu at ISKCON Chowpatty

SB 12.07.13
vṛttir bhūtāni bhūtānāṁ
carāṇām acarāṇi ca
kṛtā svena nṛṇāṁ tatra
kāmāc codanayāpi vā

Vṛtti means the process of sustenance, by which the moving beings live upon the nonmoving. For a human, vṛtti specifically means acting for one’s livelihood in a manner suited to his personal nature. Such action may be carried out either in pursuit of selfish desire or in accordance with the law of God.

SB 12.07.14
viśvasyānu yuge yuge
hanyante yais trayī-dviṣaḥ

In each age, the infallible Lord appears in this world among the animals, human beings, sages and demigods. By His activities in these incarnations He protects the universe and kills the enemies of Vedic culture.

The protective activities of the Lord, indicated by the word rakṣā, constitute one of the ten fundamental topics of a Mahā-purāṇa, or a great Purāṇic literature.

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